11 Practical And Fun Ways To Use Your Old iPhone

There’s always the thrill that comes with owning a new phone. God helps you if it is a new version with updated features – you will soon forget your old phone. Let’s take the iPhone for example, about 10 million new iPhone 6s were ordered in the initial market days. Meaning a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for scrap. Now you could choose to sell, recycle, or donate your old iPhone, but chances are that you will not. Trust me, I still have phones that I used 7 years ago lying on my shelf.

So here’s the question, do you have an old iPhone lying on your shelf and gathering dust? What if I told you that; you could use your device for some fun things. As a matter of fact, your old iPhone is a virtual gold mine waiting for you to bring it back to life.

Let’s dive straight in:

With a few free and cheap apps, you can give your old iPhone a second life.

  • Home Security Camera
  • Ever had thoughts of being a spy? Okay I am just kidding. But here’s my point. Nobody travels with an old device when they have a new one. So instead of just leaving your iPhone functionless when you travel, you could mount it on a window or a concealed corner and use it as a home surveillance device.

    There are several apps that could help you achieve this on App store, such as: iCamSpy, Manything, and Presence. Are you feeling like a detective? *winks*

  • Remote Control
  • Yes, you can also use your old iPhone as a remote control for a number of devices. From Apple’s remote app, to DSLR Remote, there’s so much you can use your old iPhone to do, in terms of controlling other devices.

  • E-Reader
  • Personally, I am not a fan of using my smartphones for reading or gaming (I love it big and bold). It sulks. But what can you do if you really need to catch up on some details before a presentation or you are simply bored? Grab your old iPhone and read.

    In addition to apps like iBooks and Play Books, you can synchronise your reading across multiple devices using Kindle or Kobo. Don’t have any particular ebook? Then you could use apps like Pocket and Instapaper for online reading.

  • Digital Phone Frame
  • There’s this warmth feeling that floods our hearts each time we go through our old pictures. With your old iPhone, you can relive these awesome and funny moments over and over again. How?

    Keep your old iPhone plugged into power supply, disable your screen lock and dim features, and set up a digital photo frame. This is one of the perfect uses for an old smartphone. While there are many apps that could help you achieve this, I recommend Picmatic.

  • It’s fun-time for the kids
  • Kids of nowadays are tech-savvy. Without a doubt, the world has changed and each time I am around kids the first thing they ask me for is my phone. It sometimes strikes how a 3-year old is able to navigate to my games folder and scale through some levels.

    So if you have kids, your old iPhone could be a fun way to keep them busy, and beyond that, educate them. There’s a stack of great games and educational apps that your kids can chew on. If you want to this this, I recommend tightening your parental controls.

    Also, it is important to note that your kids could still call 911 even without cellular service. In my opinion, this is an added protection/security.

  • Awesome Cookbook
  • There are a lot of things I love and one of them is good food. I am one of those people who takes out time to experiment with food and try new recipes (Yes, one of the ways to my heart is “good food”). Just in case you anything like me, you can use your old iPhone and iPhone in general as a cookbook. There’s absolutely no need hunting for your recipe book anymore. Download a cookbook app and leave your device in the kitchen.

    The best part about this is that your device can hold as many recipes as you can think off. However, be careful not to drop it in your pot or misplace it in your ingredient shelf. Some recommended apps include Big Oven (free), and My Recipe Book (99¢).

  • Extra Storage
  • There’s nothing as annoying as wanting to take a picture or collect a file and getting the error message: “insufficient memory”. What’s next? You go through your gallery, searching for your ugly picture or that irrelevant file to delete. Unfortunately, this process is cumbersome. I won’t want to lose any of my awesome pictures. So when I have the chance, I transfer all my phone files to my external hard disk.

    Instead of letting your old iPhone just lie dormant, you could store all your old photos, music, ebooks, and other files. Free apps to help you with this include Wi-Fi Flash Drive and USB.

  • Scan those Documents
  • This tip can be applied to your old or new iPhone device. Some nice apps like Doc Scan and Genius Scan can help turn your iPhone into a portable scanner, without costing you a penny.

    You can choose to take this to a whole new level by buying a stand for about $20 and converting your old device into a stationary scanner.

  • Who doesn’t love music?

  • Music they say is the food of the soul. Although chances are that your SIM card is in your new device. You could still turn your old iPhone into a music hub. If you have access to home Wi-Fi, this makes it a whole lot easier as most radio stations broadcast online. All you need to do is search for the official apps of your favourite radio stations, some of which includes; iHeartRadio, and TuneIn Radio.

  • Twitter Ticker
  • I am particularly not a social media junkie, but just in case you like having your social media conversations at the tip of your fingers, an old iPhone is an excellent way to keep yourself up-to-date. Instead of switching the browsers of your laptop, you can latch your old iPhone to any available Wi-Fi connections and view your incoming twitter updates. Apps like Robird, TweetBot, and Twitterific are perfect for this.

  • Baby Monitor
  • I particularly love this one. Instead of spending over $100 to buy a baby monitor, you could convert your old iPhone into a baby monitor; streaming videos of your baby, as well as keeping an eye on every move he/she makes.

    An app like Cloud Baby Monitor which costs only $3.99, enables guardians to receive signal and notifications on a wireless network.

  • Who Stole My Car?
  • To cap it all up for this post, the final fun thing you can do with your old iPhone is to use it as a tracking device. The built-in GPS feature of your phone can be used as a tracking device. With an app like InstMapper ($2.99), you can watch and record your vehicle in real-time.

    The bottom line is that there is so much you can do with your old iPhone device. If you have one gathering dust on your shelf, now’s the best time to put it to use.

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